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Lenten Reading Suggestions

Recently, many people have been asking me if I had any specific suggestions for which books I would recommend during this holy season of Lent.  While there are many great spiritual classics that are most appropriate for developing an interior life, there are some characteristically sound books which can draw the soul into closer union with Almighty God during this potentially transformative time.  Below I have listed various books into specific categories.


The Glories of Mary by St. Alphonsus Liguori

The Love of Mary by D. Roberto

Consecration to Mary by Fr. Helmuts Libietis

True Devotion to Mary by St. Louis de Monfort

The Mother of the Saviour by Fr. Garrigou-Lagrange, O.P.


Christian Warfare by Christian Warfare Publications

Rosary Warfare by Christian Warfare Publications

Sacred Scripture by Almighty God

Interior Life

This Tremendous Lover by Fr. M. Boylan

The Spiritual Exercises by St. Ignatius of Loyola

The Story of a Soul by St. Therese of Lisieux

Our Saviour and His Love for Us by Fr. Garrigou-Lagrange, O.P.

Four Last Things: Death, Judgement, Heaven, and Hell by Fr. Martin von Cochem

Introduction to the Devout Life by St. Francis de Sales

The Spiritual Life by Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre

Holy Sacrifice of the Mass

The Incredible Catholic Mass by Fr. Martin von Cochem

The Mass of All Time by Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre

The Mass by Fr. Joseph Dunney

While this list is not exhaustive, there is plenty of reading material presented to last readers for an in depth Lent and beyond.  For those readers who wish to go deeper, I recommend the Summa Theologica and Catena Aurea by St. Thomas Aquinas,  The City of God by St. Augustine, and The Mystical City of God by Venerable Mary of Agreda which can feed the soul for an entire lifetime.  Many of these titles can be found on Amazon, through a quick web search, as well as through Angelus Press.

Wishing all of my readers a very blessed Lent!




  1. Jamie says:

    May the Lord bless you and your family and friends. I pray for you in my prayer intentions every Thursday and Sunday mass.If you ever have any thing that you or anyone in your family need prayer,please let me know so I can help. Many blessings


  2. Jamie says:

    I will travel safely.


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