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Catholic Action in America

Why not the American two party political system? While many may not understand or agree, being Republican or Democrat in the two-party system is highly un-Catholic. In truth, a true son or daughter of the Church cannot accept the American Constitution as it is. Being founded on purely Protestant foundations, such as Religious Liberty which denigrates the Social Reign of Our Lord Jesus Christ, is a Protestant idea and a Modernist innovation. Therefore, one must act with the “mind and will” of the Church in all matters, especially social ones. If the Catholic State is not to be propagated and established, the true Catholic must not vote on Party lines, but must act in accordance with the backing and Tradition of the Church, as stated succinctly by her Fathers, Doctors, and Venerable Councils of ages past which do not mince words. In other words, the Catholic must act and vote with a Catholic Conscience, keeping in mind the reign of Our Lord Jesus Christ, and see past the heresy of Modernism and Americanism. This is what Catholic Action is.



  1. D says:

    Well said! Although all of those points makes it very difficult for us when election season comes around. We cannot compromise on our Faith, but that’s difficult given there aren’t really any candidates that exemplify ours, even those who belong to the Church.
    Also, while I do agree that the constitution does have a lot of protestant influence, I’d tend to say it was more heavily influenced by deism and freemasonry, both of which would contribute to the idea of, “well, it doesn’t matter who you believe in, so believe in whoever.” Most protestants I know think quite poorly of non-Christian (and non-protestant) religions, but they preach religious liberty for more reasons pertaining to the government rather than religion.
    Support for the first amendment among protestants, in my opinion, comes from the view that the government is a necessary evil, as Thomas Paine put it. Given it is something that is inherently even, they see the need to have a constitutional amendment to keep religion and government separated, establishing the “wall of separation” that Jefforson advocated for, to promote free exercise of religion that the government would not interfere with, which the view of the government as inherently evil would lead to the assumption that exercise of religion is something the government would wish to stop, as evil exists to try to undermine that which is perfect Goodness.
    This view is strongly opposed by Aquinas’s, who was of the opinion that the government is led by an individual who applies God’s law to all matters of governance, who overlooks the work of several individuals chosen by the masses to reach the same end. Rather than the government being, at best, a necessary evil, the Angelic Doctor thought it should be the means by which perfect Goodness is brought to the people.
    Which just brings me right back to not knowing who to vote for.

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